Today, Toyota confirmed that an on-site contractor in their 30’s from a partner company at its Toyota City headquarters office location based in Aichi Prefecture, Japan was tested and returned a “positive” result of the PCR test for COVID-19.

The aforementioned contractor’s working location received notification about a PCR test in progress on April 8, at which time the work site was thoroughly disinfected. Additionally, the work site is scheduled to be disinfected once again on April 12. Moreover, the contract worker last reported at the work site on March 27, and, because it has now been more than two weeks, the contractor was not in close contact with any other individuals at the work site. However, for those that were in close contact prior to the contract worker’s last time in the office, there were about 10 individuals, and we have required them to stay at home from April 9 through April 13.

We sincerely apologize for any anxiety or concern that this news might cause people in the immediate and surrounding regions. We are treating this as an issue that affects all locations and will further enhance our communication and health checks with staff at all locations, not only for our own employees but also for our partner company contract workers. We will do our best to provide timely updates as the situation progresses and will implement measures to prevent the further spread of the virus.